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Chinese Herbal Foot Reflexology

The Chinese have practiced the healing art of reflexology for over 5,000 years.Reflexology uses the meridian theory of Chinese medicine where each acupuncture point in our feet connects to an internal organ.By stimulating these acupuncture points,you may begin to experience improved......

Your Session

Every one- hour session with herbal foot spa includes a pleasurable and soothing reflexologic foot reflexology as well as a satisfying Asian full body works(TuiNa) of

your face ,head, neck, shoulders, back ,arms, and legs.


We begin your session by seating you in our very comfortable Chinese massage chair-picture a lazy-boy,only more comfortable.


An actual reflexology session begins with your therapist brings a luxurious foot spa bath, you can choose our organic Chinese herbs for your relexing and soothing experience. While you are enjoying the foot bath,your therapist begins your Asian body works. Stimulating the acuoressure points on your face,head ,neck and shoulders


Once complete, your therapist remove the foot bath,and begins your reflexology.


Your therapist then sets the chair flat, has you can choose roll over onto your stomach and begins the acupressure massage of your shoulders,back ,arms,and legs. Your session ends with a rousing percussion of your back,arms and legs.



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